Friday, February 19, 2010

What Does A Period Look Like Picture Does This Look Like A True Positive? W/ Picture!?

Does this look like a true positive? w/ Picture!? - what does a period look like picture

Okay, you have the blue with Sunday. ...

However, they have made a negative First Response.

What do you think? I do not want to make an appointment with my doctor at the moment ..

I think my time is in a few days or so .. because
I'm not really on your way, or indeed with pg symptoms.


Babyboy due 17/04/10 said...

I suggest you try another test if you are unsure, you know that I am crazy ... You might try waiting a few days before trying again with another test. The fact that you have no symptoms, does not mean that you are not pregnant.
Good luck!

Hoping for #1 said...

try again with another test. It looks like a desert. Try to match or only with a digital, so the climate is pregnant or not go!

But if I say yes, you are, because the line of the other shows that if you have the hormone hCG in urine. Only when it occurs. Here is a site I like to see it different events information. . .

Good luck ~

Shasta ~ ~

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