Thursday, February 11, 2010

Portable Change Pad 37 Weeks Pregnant: Last Items On The Baby Shopping List?

37 weeks pregnant: Last items on the baby shopping list? - portable change pad

My husband and I have our first baby! I do not know if we get all the necessary elements of the list of children.

Am I missing something important?
What do you suggest?
Are we ready to go?

Here is the list of items is that I:

- Cradle
- Baby bed linen (sheets / blanket / cap / mobile)
- Strollers
- Baby Car Seat
- Baby Bath
- Baby Carriers
- Portable changing pad
- Swing & Bouncer
- Play Mat

- Bottle of disinfectant (a gift) from my aunt
- Boot Bottles
- Bottle Cleaner & Squeegee
- The formula of the state of emergency (breastfeeding, but many have said)
- Discharge of gas decreases
- Diapers and baby wipes
- Clothing, bibs, booties, hats, onesies, etc.
- Baby oil, shampoo / PA background/ Ste body wash, lotion
- Jammers and rattlesnakes
- Sucky Binky and toys
- Take care of baby
- Detergent
- Boppy Pillow

- Place of birth, my husband and I
- Diaper Bag - Full Load

So, back to my question:

Am I missing something important?
What do you suggest?

We are ready to go? (I'm so excited!)


g m said...

The items you need (or at least useful), lacking even the short term:
- Thermometer Bath
- Thermobag to hold the bottle with warm milk at night (if you do not breast-feed)
- Kettle (very useful)
- Sterilizer (Must Have)
- Alias aerosol machine (perhaps more useful and even necessary for the child or the time)
- Breast pumps (even if breastfeeding)
- Baby nose clean (important to prevent diseases)

and of course ... Many, many of the basic Love ()

chasing the white rabbit said...

Be careful with the things of washing and bathing your baby could be allergic to, my son and
He had a charge back

blebert2... said...

I would like a package of diapers premmie get, I found that newborn babies in diapers are great. (unless you know that there are more than 8.9 lbs)

parental unit said...

Your as smart as you will never be! Good luck, fatherhood is a roller coaster ride! Congratulations!

JUICY said...

Pacifiers, winter jacket, baby slings, baby cause with him in the stomach when you cook or whatever. Baby cloth. Baby Play Station, where they sit in the middle and play with the toys around them. Ask the doctor to give traces of your child, because on the list. Dresser, Baby Monitor

zeus1129... said...

Looks like you're ready. Make sure your bag for the hospital and have some clothing and wash with soap for baby clothes and ready for use (including linen) Good luck!

lawmom said...

These are the things I see on your list.

A lost children - babies and insecure in a major cradle of the first month.

Ceilings - You need something to wrap the baby in And we'll use a lot of blankets.

Gas clothes (large plain white cloth diapers are ideal).

Hooded towels / washcloths. The first month or two, you can not do this baby in the bathtub b / c of the umbilical cord, so you need to take a bath sponge. Hooded towels to help warm while to do it.

Make sure the team will look after your baby saline nasal spray apirator and baby Tylenol and PediaCare.

Toys! Make sure that he / she has something to do, gym black shutout. And some clip CARSEAt.

large quantities of pills
Pain Relief Spray
to wear something loose
Nursing Dress
receive healthy snacks, you are too tired to eat properly.

Contratulations! Enjoy your new baby!

LizzyLui... said...

Well, you seem very well prepared!
I think there's more of everything.
Good luck to you and your husband and congratulations!

emilyalb... said...

Lysol (odor buttocks)
Diaper Pail
Tylenol and / or ibuprofen
Thermometers and KY Jelly
Spray / wet
Swab (from the umbilical cord and the gene .... the area of child labor)
Latex Examination Gloves (use handling raw meat and sick and for the amendment of the baby's diapers)

That is to think everything I can .... Some of them are not "out on the guy.

blmbean said...

You will always find something that you do not have and what you have and is not required.
that's the fun of the parents for the first time.
The list is very complete.
Congratulations and GOOD LUCK !!!!!

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