Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Is The Best Time To Book An International Flight Online When And What Is The Best Way To Book International Flights?

When and what is the best way to book international flights? - when is the best time to book an international flight online

I intend to Spain and Greece go on vacation in December, but I have a difficult time booking of flights. I was looking at Yahoo Travel, Expedia and Priceline and I saw prices as low as $ 700, but is usually around $ 2000. When and what is the best way to get tickets cheaper?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ches Infection Help! I Had Bronchitus 4 A Month.. Finally Getting Over It - But When I Cough There Are Sharp Pains In My Ches?

Help! I had Bronchitus 4 a month.. finally getting over it - but when I cough there are sharp pains in my ches? - ches infection

Even deep breathing that resembles your offer and no pain. I've been through two doses of antibiotics ... I will try to see the doctors again, because the 5 weeks after infection, and now that I thought I was improving, the pain came at random: (

It's not like before, when it is only under pressure from the chest a real sharp pain. Anyone who has had bronchitis before? Is this normal? What is fever?

PS It's hard to breathe, but I feel a little pain when breathing deeply.