Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ches Infection Help! I Had Bronchitus 4 A Month.. Finally Getting Over It - But When I Cough There Are Sharp Pains In My Ches?

Help! I had Bronchitus 4 a month.. finally getting over it - but when I cough there are sharp pains in my ches? - ches infection

Even deep breathing that resembles your offer and no pain. I've been through two doses of antibiotics ... I will try to see the doctors again, because the 5 weeks after infection, and now that I thought I was improving, the pain came at random: (

It's not like before, when it is only under pressure from the chest a real sharp pain. Anyone who has had bronchitis before? Is this normal? What is fever?

PS It's hard to breathe, but I feel a little pain when breathing deeply.

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