Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How To Crack Office 2003 Activation Is This Really How Secure My School Should Be?

Is this really how secure my school should be? - how to crack office 2003 activation

my school of your Windows XP Pro SP2 Internet Explorer 6 allows booting from USB devices, has produced a CD for students without staff supervision, web-hosting server with IIS 5 and wireless WEP encryption, Microsoft Office 2003, boldness, and 1.6. 2 synamtec 10 AV

and my expertise, IIS can run 5 within minutes, I can crack WEP in less than a minute, theres one or two vurnerablities within Microsoft Office 2003

Is that somewhere in the vicinity of the lowest Stard should be a network of over 700 schools Puple?


El Americano said...

Lol, maybe you should be in teaching the class. But it seems that one goes to school in the ghetto, where presumably the resources are scarce.

Dr.Bucks... said...

The use of USB devices is a currency issue of 2003 is more secure than
Office 2007, and I truly believe that his statement of hacking a WEP key in less than a minute away from the truth of my WEBKEY 16 digits for 128 bit encryption 1000.00 I bet you can sit outside my house for the FY 2009 and closer to my WEP hacking

manimal3... said...

Oh, my God. Unfortunately, many schools are insured sad. Back in 6th Class, a boy in the Novell server, which printers and other resources are distributed in the lab hacked. It turns out that one Duff 286 (!), The has not been updated since they were purchased, there is probably a good eight years. I think that worked to use any case. Things are a little better, but still, many schools will pay an outside contractor to put things, and then a quick call, if something breaks.

But ... not her friend PC? Or copy the text in the body of another poster?

jasonicu... said...

That's pretty bad. I want you to crack WEP in less than a minute to see. You need a genius to do what you say, you can do. Nice to meet you Einstein.

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