Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stomach Flu Or Stress Do U Think This Is Food Poisoning Or The Stomach Flu?

Do u think this is food poisoning or the stomach flu? - stomach flu or stress

I ate a taco to 2 and could not sleep last night because of stress. This morning I awoke with a fever and abdominal pain. After resting for a while, I began to vomit. This happened several times and I feel better. I have a fever reducer, but I feel myself go a little weak and fear to the toilet. What do u think is this?


porcelin... said...

Despite the widespread belief, there is no such thing as stomach flu or 24-hour flu. This is 99.9% of cases of food poisoning, no matter how small.

Left Bank Hook said...

Food poisoning takes a day or 2 The flu lasts much longer. (Oh, and "24 hours against the flu" food poisoning.)

http://www.netsurgery.com/focus_article. ...

And food poisoning can take time to really set .. what does not assume they will assume that the answer.

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