Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Imax Ottawa How Does Booking At IMAX Work?

How does booking at IMAX work? - book imax ottawa

Do you have an online booking? If you book online, but in the day, you see, take a seat? If the first line, a bad place to sit?


Joseph K said...

They want closer to the center of the room as possible. The screen is so big, I think, would be the last line is best to proceed.

Most IMAX theaters have first come - first served seating, but I knew an IMAX in Chicago who has advance tickets for specific seats and get the tickets you are requesting. You need to consult with IMAX in your area to see how.

kieralin... said...

Buy only at the box office ... It's not a big problem. And yes .. The first line is not a good place to be. To see more than sitting in the middle, the entire screen.

It is like any other film, but in a display very high. Number of seating is first come, first served basis, as elsewhere.

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