Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bible Verses For A Boys Birthday Prayers? Bible Verses? For This Brave Little Boy.?

Prayers? Bible verses? For this brave little boy.? - bible verses for a boys birthday

I know the girl who's son is fighting brain tumors since he 6 months old. He just had his 3rd Birthday, and he lost his fight for life yesterday. I can not even start, to the pain this family will be presenting through. I love it when someone shares a prayer and / or a verse that could strengthen the family during this dark time.

Can you help me?

Thank you to everyone

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Timid Women Rarely Make History said...

It is a poem that I found online.

"My Sunshine"
With you, my hopes and Bury
the dreams of every day we will see, never.
But they also complain the love in my heart
and the sadness of knowing
that we must part.

And I do pray God for you
everything I do.
And so my Baby Safe From Harm
Fun and joy in the arms of spring.

For now, when I see the sun,
I see you smile as you walk.
Laugh, smile, play, lead to
.... Missing You.
Mama loves you baby

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