Thursday, January 21, 2010

Volunteering In Stafford Volunteering For Search And Rescue Missions?

Volunteering for search and rescue missions? - volunteering in stafford

I am 21 years old and are interested in volunteering for search and rescue operations in and around Stafford / Fredericksburg, Virginia. I would like to volunteer in my spare time, but because my program is always Chaning since college. How can I do? Is there a website to draw my attention? Any other information can be estimated

- Rye

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A F said...

A starting point is the Red Cross Disaster Services. Contact the department or the nearest Red Cross. You will receive local training and disaster relief, how to get smart and you can volunteer to regional needs and national and international.

Search and rescue is something else. Here are some websites who are you to a place of training and volunteer in your area ...

These groups can lead to other groups if they do not know exactly where Wnt volunteers.

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