Saturday, January 23, 2010

Microwave Brackets How Do I Remove My Over The Range Microwave?

How do I remove my over the range Microwave? - microwave brackets

I unscrewed the lid from the top and unplugged, but I can not understand how the microwave mounting abuse of Wand. Any advice appreciated.


happygol... said...

There are only two people I know. It is located only on the wall plate. Remove by lifting the back half an inch, and it will collapse. The second has a latch that separates it from the wall plate. Behind the top layer is a wire loop on the left side. If you consider this circuit is separated from the plate. Some of them have screws on the lower back down (in the microwave directly) into the wall on both sides of the oven. These cases are rare, but there. Good luck ...

PropReno said...

Did you have a breakdown on by the Cabinet?
If so, you (the tubes) to remove in the microwave before the screws. You can then remove the screws and the entire unit should tilt down, and you can loosen the screw in the wall mount. Someone help, because it can be quite difficult.
Good luck!

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