Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vertical Blind Headrail Where To Find Long Vertical Blind Headrails?

Where to find long vertical blind headrails? - vertical blind headrail

I want to install some vertical blinds in my home, but I need the terrace is more than 123 installed 1 / 2 "long, and Home Depot only sells heads 109 are" long.

I spoke with someone at Home Depot to get a higher top rail, and they said they would have available upon request. Ordering Custom Cabinet on vertical blinds means that values will not match the personal value. Blinds custom command and the head of Home Depot will take more than $ 100 more and two weeks if you simply use in warehouse and vertical blinds searching for a rail on top.

My question is this: Where can I find a box next to the vertical blinds (123 1 / 2 ")?

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PropReno said...

Well man, you can do what I did in the past.
Working in their homes and others who want the owners usually do not spend too much money for repairs, so why not consider two together from 5 or even 6 'Vertical?
It can be installed so that they slide wide open on both sides of the door opening.
Or at least it's easier to open the door.
Just a thought ..

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