Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best Hunting Binoculars With Range Finder Test What Is The Best Camouflage Patterns For Hunting In These Areas Of Texas?

What is the best camouflage patterns for hunting in these areas of Texas? - the best hunting binoculars with range finder test

I am looking for depth in the East Texas ranch in southern Texas that borders Mexico.

I know the landscape and the trees are from my visits to each other, but I'm curious, what are the best camouflage for these areas? Is it that have worked well for both because they do not hunt or regular?

Please add links to your answers so you can see that the pattern appears.

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Annie Oakleaf said...

What is the terrain like?

Yes, it's camo camo, but if you use the wrong model, you seem like a sore thumb.

For example, the camouflage pattern, which I use now I do not want to use in the North Georgia, the terrain is different.

Such a thing could work:
The links above 2 are the same model, the former more green, that is the ONE 2nd.

Here are links to other camouflage patterns that offer (leaving the snow, one after the other) in wetlands ... ...
With all the links, it also gives you a picture to see what he was against the wood.

Here are some other models: ... ...

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