Monday, November 16, 2009

Pain In Lower Left Abdomen Before Period Dull Pain In Lower Left Abdomen?

Dull pain in lower left abdomen? - pain in lower left abdomen before period

For about 2 months, and if this pain very, very dull cramps in the lower left abdomen ... I would say, when my left ovary, lol. You know, if you if you do not run for a while and a cramp in my stomach? It is something more, but boring. I can feel when they move, etc. It goes without saying for a while - back then. It seems that when my time ended (week before and during this time) my time and my periods are pretty regular. I missed my period in July by the stress of transversely across the country! But before that (during the last 4 years) and after this period has been reached. I was on birth control for 4 years until the 08th February. I stopped to drink at 08 August. So I went in a few months back. Anyways ... The pain seems to decrease in the transmission of gas ... Sorry, TMI! I tend to go, a lot of gas because the food you eat and I chew gum almost every day. I stopped to chew gum and eat their meal, and my gas is almost over, lol. I go into theGyno Friday for a regular PAP. What do you think? If you have further questions, and ask that I be examined here and the message for you ... Please let me know what you think, could it be? Cyst? (It's a history of cysts or cancer in the family - mother and aunt) had endometriosis in later life.

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