Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brazil Waxing Picture Is There A Sex And The City Episode About Brazil Waxing?

Is there a Sex and the City episode about Brazil Waxing? - brazil waxing picture

I just found out what it means. Even at my age, so I'm surprised.

My mind immediately went to Samantha on Sex and the City. Is one of the program on this subject? Clearly a priority for them. If they did, and if you guess what the season would be useful. I ask the next group of Netflix. Thank you.


TwinkaTe... said...

I know that Sex in the City movie, Miranda Samanatha much as "wax?" When they sit in the pool. It seems that Miranda was released in wax, she was now married with a son.

Moreover, in Season 3, Episode 14, Carrie gets a Brazilian wax, while on vacation in California with the girls.

xrayca68 said...

I am sure that the season was, but it was the result, to California where he and Samantha and the girls at the Playboy Mansion and was invited Carrie, this is the Brazilian wax.

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