Sunday, November 8, 2009

North Jersey Gay Cruising Places Where Are All The Good Guys Hiding (NJ)?

Where are all the good guys hiding (NJ)? - north jersey gay cruising places

Any good guy I know is that it is in a relationship, or gay. Some people say that you can meet people anywhere ... Supermarket, a library, school, church. I was lucky. Some people say that is if you stop when you get to know someone. I stayed a long time ago. I do not ask much. I'm not superficial, because I think what is more than anything else. I have 22 years of medical school, pleasant personality, trying very nice (not to be arrogant), and I just want someone who is very religious, to find honest and makes me laugh. So I ask, where can I find a man btwn 22-28yrs of age in North Jersey with these properties? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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