Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Applicable Taxes On Used Trailers Please Advise Me On Taxes Applicable For Services Provided For International Clients?

Please advise me on taxes applicable for services provided for International clients? - applicable taxes on used trailers


We are a market research company providing telephone data collection for our customers abroad. What are the different taxes payable by us and by recent legislation in India.

I collect tax international transfers, if so, under what conditions. The fees are applicable when the data collection is done in India, although its use by our customers abroad?

Moreover, the payment of the tax service from us, the providers of these services was called again?

If someone links to relevant Web sites can provide specific information about them, then I would be very grateful.




Jss said...

If you paid to foreign customers, who have no permanent establishment in India, I do not believe that the deduction of tax and TDS.

When you receive the payment from abroad, the foreign firm not to send the payment to withhold taxes.
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taxpert said...

The service fee is charged if the service provided falls within the scope of a taxable service notified the following link ...
The scope of services in connection with the Finance Act 1994, as amended on the following link ...
In addition, the export of services is exempt if it is the export of services rules on the export of services in the following link ...

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